Friday, June 26, 2015

Waffles With Sauce

Well friends I had my blood draw today at the clinic and guess what?

My waffle is pasta sauced.


I mean MY EGGO IS PREGO!!!!!!

I've been waiting to post these all week!!

I'm fairly certain I have a full blown addiction. But wow the pee sticks were good to me this round. I of course got positives right out of the gate because of the trigger shot. But they continued to consistently get lighter as the trigger shot faded from my system. Then they got super light as of Wednesday. Thursday seemed to be the same or a smidge darker. Then Friday was definitely darker. Then I started getting those sexy First Response Early Response positives 5 days past transfer. 

This is from this morning in Target after my blood draw. 

My fellow surro sisters knew my beta was today, so they started taking bets on what my levels would be. I guessed 102. To recap, my first beta last time we transferred was 37.

Here's a fun chart to guide you on what's considered "normal" and "average". I'm 4 weeks today. 

The clinic called this morning and said my beta was a whopping 433! My progesterone levels looked fabulous as well clocking in at 36.

I started getting morning sickness on Wednesday night. So I started questioning whether we had a splitter. The last time I was sick this early it was twins.

However I'm just banking on this being one healthy happy snuggly little babe!

Now the crucial part is that the levels double every 36-72 hours. So I have a repeat beta on Monday. I'll keep you posted on the results. But holy guacamole!!! Let's celebrate!!!