Monday, June 8, 2015

Seeing Double

So I started testing with ovulation kits on Thursday and BOOM. two lines.
I was so bummed. My period just stopped the night before so I knew there was no way my lining would be fluffy enough for transfer. 

I emailed our coordinator to let her know it was positive and she said they'd just wait to see what Monday looked like. But most likely this cycle is a bust. 

Urrrgghhh. I was frustrated so I posted the pic in my surro Facebook group for confirmation of my pity party. But lo and behold no one showed up. Instead they told me to check the box because unlike a pregnancy test, all lines on an OPK are not created equal! Apparently the test line has to be as dark or darker than the control line in order to signify ovulation! 

I tested all weekend and didn't get a positive. So I let myself feel a hint of optimism this morning as I lay there watching the swirly ultrasound screen. 

Dr. B was still thinking I ovulated since that's what she last heard. But I told her nope. I'm just illiterate. 

She looked for the follicles and it looks like the 4 flares I had last week have calmed down and I now just have one lovely 18mm follicle. Then she measured my lining and it's about a 7. Ideally we need an 8 for transfer so holy crap on a cracker this cycle is salvageable. 

She said she doesn't want to commit to this cycle yet just because of the hairy start. But it actually looks like my body is following protocol. So as long as my ol uterus keeps up the good work we can actually use this cycle! 

My bloodwork from today will be a big indicator of what's going on in there. And I'll keep taking the ovulation predictor kits. Then I'll be back Wednesday for another lining check. 

I'm eating fluffy friendly iron rich foods and drinking coffee because I'm convinced my cuppa coffee a day was the reason my first transfer lining was so fluffy. I avoided coffee last cycle and my lining wasn't happy. Mama needs her java. 

Hopefully I'm going to ovulate late in my cycle like when I got pregs with Sunshine. That'll give my lining plenty of time to fluff! 

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