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Pregger Friends

My last pregnancy was a part of a weirdly coincidental pregnancy pact. I had a lively 2-year-old who had me thinking I wouldn't try for another child until she was in college. At the time I had friends who casually mentioned that they were thinking about maybe possibly starting on those sibs, but all of us were very happy with our singletons.
I figured out I was pregnant with my second born on my first born's second birthday. I'll give you a moment to process that.
I was throwing my baby girl a fabulous Alice in Wonderland unbirthday birthday party, but all I could think was how badly I wanted to rip off my husband's head and shove it down his throat. How dare he try and help ice that cake!? I worked for hours. How. Dare. He.
My father-in-law jokingly said the last time I was so grumpy with the Hubs was when I was pregnant with my first-born.
The test confirmed it, and we called her the Immaculate Conception for a reason. I couldn't remember the last time I…

Patience is a four letter word

It's been a little quiet on the surro front. The name of the game is patience these days. After our psych evaluation we were told that we needed to do a group session, which I was totally psyched about!

I'm hilarious.

Anyway I was really excited to do the group eval because it meant we got to chat face to face with our IPs again. I'm not sure why our communication is so minimal in these early stages. It seems so...sterile. But I guess they do it while I'm passing all my screenings so things don't get sticky in case I can't carry for some reason? I don't really get it.

Anyway, I heard back early in the week from the fertility clinic because my thyroid levels were low. I got a little nervous because Dr. Google told me 1. obviously I'm going to die and 2. I might not be able to be a carrier.

It was unclear through their email if my thyroid was underactive or overactive. They just said something something blah levels...blah thyroid...low. Retest.

So I went…

Some Heavy Stuff

We had our psych evaluation today, and I'm happy to report that I am not "clinically" insane.

They don't actually tell you that, but I'm guessing because I answered most of the questions about punching people out or doing lots of drugs with "Mostly untrue" that means I pass.

Hubs and I dropped the kids off with some friends of ours so they could do VBS while we got psyched out. After we picked the kids up I asked how VBS went. Sunshine said "I uh....I don't want to talk about it."

After some provocation I learned that a little boy in her class took part of a house she was building, so she decked him Christian style. I asked what the teacher said, and she told me the teacher told her "Oh it's ok." I forgot we moved back to Texas. Stand your ground laws and what not...

Sweet Pea had a different experience. She's a bit of a mama's girl, so I was curious as to how she handled not only going to a new place but being dropp…

Test Tubes

I arose bright and early this morning and bee bopped into the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator and grabbed a glass of sweet tea a little cup of crack Trader Joe's mangos and cream yogurt. 6:30 a.m. is a strange time in my house. The air is almost thick with silence because the monkeys are still sleeping.

I savored the mangos and silence for a moment as I let my plans for the day sink in. I don't normally crack into Bush's sweet tea at 6:30 a.m., but my Friday the 13th plans called for the strong stuff.

The Hubs was meeting me at RMA (the fertility clinic) for our blood work and mock transfer this morning, so I needed some pep in my step. Normally 6:30 a.m. is a grumpy groggy time for me. But this morning I was too excited to drag.

As Sweet Pea toddled into the kitchen and rubbed her sleepy little eyes, I just thought my heart would burst. I am just so lucky to have this chubby little bunny standing before me in her too-big t-shirt and those big blue eyes. I can't w…

Cocktail Hour

Holy cow it's real!! I finished my initial consult on Friday and I'm already scheduled this Friday for blood work and an ultrasound and a procedure that one of my amazingly ivf experienced friends described as "shooting dyes in your lady straws". 
Doctors like to call it an hsg test. I have to get a special one done since I have issues with shellfish. I'm guessing there is iodine involved because they want me to take a cocktail of Benadryl and steroids so I don't blow up.  I've never had an issue with iodine topically so I can't imagine I'd have a reaction. But they'll take no chances. 
I also picked up my birth control and prenatals last night!!
I've never been this jazzed to be on birth control before. But every step is one step closer to the transfer!
We also started contracts this week, so I guess once we get those settled it'll be on like donkey kong. 
Some folks have asked if I get compensated for all this. The answer is yes. But if y…

Back in the saddle

I had my first appointment with RMA today and it went great! The doc was so warm and friendly. I'm super excited to work with her. 
She walked me through what IVF entails and the basic timeline and procedures. Thank goodness Hubs came to help wrangle the girls. They were kind of bonkers, but since these people are in the business of making gremlins for people who desperately want them they all acted completely charmed by my crazy monsters. 
Once the chatting portion of the program was over it was time for the physical exam and ultrasound. I grabbed the sexy gown and took a deep breath. 

It's the first time since we started this whole thing that I got a little nervous and it really seemed real. Even meeting the IPs wasn't quite the same because they could've thought I was a total weirdo and called it off. 
But this. This was real. As I sat in my super stylish gown waiting for the doc, the ultrasound machine sat with its grainy black and white grin. I never thought I'd g…