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Back on track

Victory!! Hubs brought home a violent stomach bug yesterday, so he and I spent the night paying our respects to the porcelain gods. All I can say is hooray for two downstairs bathrooms. 
But all that lurching must've awoken my sleeping uterus because she is angrily cramping me right into the start of my cycle!! Hooray!! ....these are strange emotions.
So now that you and Hobby Lobby have learned more than you ever cared to know about my pipes....let the meds begin!
I can start BCPs tomorrow!!!! Not sure how much this affects our transfer date, but I think this was mainly to remind us that nothing with this journey is set in stone.
Ok ok ok uterus...I get it. You and embie are in charge.
But it is GO TIME!!?

Well as everyone in Hobby Lobby knows I was due to start my cycle Friday. So I called Target Wednesday to make sure they had my birth control pills ready to go. By Thursday I still haven't heard from the pharmacy and I was getting nervous since I'm supposed to start my BCPs on day 2 of my cycle. Saturday. Friday we were leaving to go camping. I ran to the doc because I had some swollen lymph nodes, and she put me on a Z pack. I go to pick it up and the pharmacist tells me that they no longer make the brand of BCPs that the doc wrote in my rx. Sooo they were trying to get in touch with the fertility doc to make sure generic is ok.  Meanwhile I'm wigging because the earliest we can get the generic is Monday. Blaaaarrrggggggg I tell him go ahead but our whole cycle may be screwed. It's Friday afternoon, and still no sign of Aunt Flow. So I call the fertility doc and they said no worries. Since I'll prob start on Saturday, I can take the first pill Monday and we will be …

Hugs and Drugs

Never in my life have I been this excited to get a box of drugs and needles!! 
So the whole idea of growing someone else's family has always been exciting but until just a few months ago I didn't really think about how I'd get the baby in there. 
I knew I wasn't going the old fashioned route. I mean Baby Daddy seems like a nice guy, but uhhh nah I'm good. I think hubs might charge extra...I mean it's out of the question. (Some of you will get my reference)
Anyway, before all this, I just glazed over the bit about the science behind growing a baby via IVF. Lucky for me I have pals who went through it to conceive their "keepers." Still this first part of the process is the most nerve-wracking for me. Mostly I think because this is a totally new aspect of pregnancy than I'm used to. 
Yesterday was Christmas. Well ok it was more like junkie Hanukkah. A bunch of gifts arrived that will be distributed over a period of time. Through syringes...gulp
Luckily my…

Save the Date!

After a slight mix-up on the dates we finally had our phone conference with the transfer clinic today!!

I knew we were scheduled for noon, but I had some Hobby Lobby things to attend to. Suffice it to say Hobby Lobby shoppers are now aware of the inner workings of my sex life, how fluffy my uterus is, when my next cycle will start and how excited I am to put another couple's baby all up in my lady bits.

The clinic contact was a super nice lady, but I don't think she thought I was as funny as I thought I was. She asked if I was sexually active and if so was it exclusive. I said something to the effect of "Well I'm married with two kids 5 and under, so I'm not sure how 'active' you'd consider me." I had to follow up with "Yes ma'am I'm technically allowed to have intercourse with my husband, and I'm so busted no one else would have me. So yeah exclusive is a good word."

We talked paperwork and blood work and all kind of work. I…