Monday, September 29, 2014!?

Well as everyone in Hobby Lobby knows I was due to start my cycle Friday. So I called Target Wednesday to make sure they had my birth control pills ready to go. By Thursday I still haven't heard from the pharmacy and I was getting nervous since I'm supposed to start my BCPs on day 2 of my cycle. Saturday. 
Friday we were leaving to go camping. I ran to the doc because I had some swollen lymph nodes, and she put me on a Z pack. I go to pick it up and the pharmacist tells me that they no longer make the brand of BCPs that the doc wrote in my rx. Sooo they were trying to get in touch with the fertility doc to make sure generic is ok. 
Meanwhile I'm wigging because the earliest we can get the generic is Monday. Blaaaarrrggggggg
I tell him go ahead but our whole cycle may be screwed. It's Friday afternoon, and still no sign of Aunt Flow. So I call the fertility doc and they said no worries. Since I'll prob start on Saturday, I can take the first pill Monday and we will be fine. 

Then Saturday comes. No sign of her. 
Sunday. Ummm not even a cramp. 
I've been like clockwork down to the hour. What the crap?
Now as you may know I'm a big Bob Barker fan. And all my pets and husbands have been spayed or neutered. So I can't figure out what the crap. 
Out of pure morbid curiosity I decide to take a pregger test Sunday night. I guess on the off chance that his boys played Evel Knievel and jumped the gap or something. 
I immediately see nothing, breathe a deep sigh of relief and go upstairs to play with the girls. 
I come down later to grab some water and uhhh

You see it too right?? I felt sick. Oh crap that's a sign too right!? Hubs was at a softball game so I swooped up the kids and ran to CVS. 

We got home and I ripped open the test. I waited exactly two minutes and...

Whew!! In the clear. 

I took another in the morning


So that is the time friends that I learned the lesson of the evaporation line. 

I knew. I mean hubs is manly, but I doubt he's THAT manly. 

So now the only bummer is that my cycle is STILL 4 days late!! I guess this is the portion of our pregnancy journey where we "stop thinking about it."

I'll just relax and let it happen right!? HA 

Right...we'll just try that. All I know is she better show up quick!! I've got an egg to hatch and we can't get this show on the road until the guest of honor arrives. 

Round 3 of the Hurry Up And Wait game continues...

On the bright side, we are still a family of four! Whew!!