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My lucky day

Well the cramping stopped almost as soon as it started this weekend. So all was set and I headed into the office yesterday for the D&C. I caught a ride from a friend who had an equally scary doctor's appointment just down the road from mine. That way Hubs could get the girls to school, and so I could have someone to crack inappropriate jokes with so I wouldn't be so nervous.

My pal was going in to find out some news about a biopsy, so we cursed our body parts and joked about how sexy of a procedure I was about to have. She told me to ask for a DVD of the event, and to snag her an extra pair of the booties and a gown. Humor. It's how I cope.

When I got to the office they took me right back, so I texted Hubs to let him know where I'd be when he got there. He was on his way across town from dropping Sweet Pea at her "happy school." Her last preschool gave her a crazy case of anxiety, and I never could figure it out. But she'd never acted like that before…

Hostage Situation

Damnit Uterus! Well the party started rockin' on New Year's Eve, but my friggin' uterus just thought we were doing a regular ol' cycle. I never had intense cramping. I started spotting, got a heavier flow (enjoy that word?), then spotted off into nothing. Derp Derp just regular ol' aunt flo!

My agency coordinator did a little prodding with the transfer clinic to get an ultrasound to see What The Actual Eff. So they sent orders and I went in on a Friday for my ultrasound. I had plans to visit Baby Mama the next day, so I was hoping all was well and we could have some closure on the subject.

But as the doc waved the magical weenie wand all up in there we saw the sac clear as day. There it was in all its glory just chillin' in the lounge that is my uterus. She asked before she started if I'd had any bleeding at all and I told her yeah, but either I got away with the easiest miscarriage ever (if there is such a thing) or I didn't actually pass anything sig…