Monday, June 29, 2015

Repeat Beta

Beta number two this morning! Friday's numbers came in at 433, and in a typical healthy pregnancy that number will double every 2 days at this stage of the game. So to be on the safe side we were looking for something in the 1,200 range.

My morning sickness subsided so I got a little nervous and took another test this morning before I left. I say a little nervous because I honestly didn't expect to be sick this soon anyway. Plus I am peeing every 5 seconds so there are good signs.

Let's be honest. I just love pee sticks.

Anyway, the clinic called me back lickety split this morning and said my levels were FABULOUS! 1,802! Progesterone and thyroid look swell too.

Baby Mama was definitely excited for those numbers as was I. We'd talked about delaying our ultrasound until 8 weeks just because everything is so darn fragile in there. But the clinic has their reasons. So our first ultrasound is next Friday! I'll be 6 weeks, and I'm mostly excited with a smidge of nervous. Honestly I'll be slightly nervous until we pass the 13 week mark, but I'm mostly thrilled!

I'm going to keep sending happy positive baby vibes down to my uterus. As are my kiddos. They've both started whispering secrets to the baby (aka my crotch) each night before bed. Sunshine keeps giving life advice like "keep growing" and "don't make my mom sick or she'll barf you out." Sweet Pea just whispers things like "fart" and "butt" and then laughs and laughs.

 It's actually sweeter than it sounds.

So our next big event is the ultrasound next Friday morning! Until then I'll just keep downing my fruit smoothies and sending good juju!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Waffles With Sauce

Well friends I had my blood draw today at the clinic and guess what?

My waffle is pasta sauced.


I mean MY EGGO IS PREGO!!!!!!

I've been waiting to post these all week!!

I'm fairly certain I have a full blown addiction. But wow the pee sticks were good to me this round. I of course got positives right out of the gate because of the trigger shot. But they continued to consistently get lighter as the trigger shot faded from my system. Then they got super light as of Wednesday. Thursday seemed to be the same or a smidge darker. Then Friday was definitely darker. Then I started getting those sexy First Response Early Response positives 5 days past transfer. 

This is from this morning in Target after my blood draw. 

My fellow surro sisters knew my beta was today, so they started taking bets on what my levels would be. I guessed 102. To recap, my first beta last time we transferred was 37.

Here's a fun chart to guide you on what's considered "normal" and "average". I'm 4 weeks today. 

The clinic called this morning and said my beta was a whopping 433! My progesterone levels looked fabulous as well clocking in at 36.

I started getting morning sickness on Wednesday night. So I started questioning whether we had a splitter. The last time I was sick this early it was twins.

However I'm just banking on this being one healthy happy snuggly little babe!

Now the crucial part is that the levels double every 36-72 hours. So I have a repeat beta on Monday. I'll keep you posted on the results. But holy guacamole!!! Let's celebrate!!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bump Day Happenings

In the surro world, Hump Day is Bump Day, and my news feed is filled with beautiful pregger bellies. I figured I'd go ahead and participate with an embryo bump. It's in there for cryin' out loud. I'm going to celebrate with a Bump Day pic!

In other news my hcg is almost tested out. The line was pretty faint this morning. I shouldn't be seeing any positives from the transfer until about Friday, so I don't mind sharing this last little stick update.
The top is the morning of the transfer. Then down to most recent. Dpt= days past transfer

I also had my blood draw this morning to check my progesterone. I'm taking the little hoohah tubes twice a day, and BOY are they less drama than the freaking PIO shot. Anyone who thinks the shot is easier is a hard core B. I'll take the crinone any day over a perpetually sore rumpus.

The clinic emailed this afternoon and said they were very pleased to see my progesterone levels at 38! They only need to be above 20. Boom shakalaka.

Hubs was asking if I felt pregnant this morning, and of course I don't. The little embryo wasn't even implanting until maybe yesterday. I did get sick this morning, but it's just because I took my antibiotic without any food on my stomach. Big mistake.

That's one weird thing is I've been craving fruit and have a serious aversion to anything greasy or fatty. This all started a few days before transfer, so don't speculate. I guess it's all coming from my totally hippie uterus. 

I'm usually the lover of all things fried and cheesy. But I've been dying for fruits and veggies! Smoothies are my life right now. Which I suppose is a good thing since I'm trying to grow a healthy human.

I spent $75 on fruit and veg at HEB today! This child is going to look like the Chiquita banana lady.

So for the next 9 days I'm just going to try and stay very busy and distracted. Father's Day is this weekend, so I'll party with the Hubs. Sunshine's birthday is coming up next week, and she'll be in summer camp in the mornings. So I'll have some alone time with Sweet Pea. I'll just plug away and pretend not to obsess over the pee sticks every morning.

Beta is Friday, June 26, which was my due date with Sunshine! :) Baby Mama thinks I'm a weirdo because I always try to find significance in dates. But so far we've had some major milestones land on important days. So I can't help it if I see that as a good omen.

Keep sending those snuggly thoughts. Especially this weekend when I start obsessing more over pee than R Kelly. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Transfer TMI

Keep your pants on boys. This filly can't be bred. 

Thaaatttsss right. As we speak there's a little bundle of life settling in at Chez Uterus. I reserved the deluxe penthouse suite with 100% organic locally grown lining linens. Only the best for this guest. 

The transfer was bumped up from Tuesday to Monday. The embryologist called this weekend mid thaw and thought noon would be a good time to knock me up. 

So I got to sleep in, then get up and nosh on the breakfast of champions
Brisket taco with guac. Ya know...for the iron. Tacos and burritos are kind of my thing with Baby Mama. 

Then Hubs and I dropped the kids off with my mom. They brought her a hand picked bouquet from our yard since today is her bday. Happy Bday Ma! 

Then we headed to the clinic. We stopped on the way for a lucky transfer smoothie (with pineapple of course). 
I had my lucky green shirt and flip flops and my turtle earrings for good fertile turtle vibes. 

The smoothie also helped with the full bladder they requested. This transfer was a bit different than the Cali attempt. 

For one they dolled me up in the sexy hospital gown complete with hair net and booties. I can only assume it's to mimic natural conception. Ya know..because I looked so damn sexy. Of course I'm going to get pregnant in that getup. 

They went with an abdominal ultrasound rather than transvaginal. AKA an adorable nurse used a wand on my tummy rather than my glory hole. 

The other kinda bummer is that they had Hubs and the IPs wait in a little room with a tv. So they just saw the grainy screen and actually kind of missed THE MOMENT just because they didn't know when to expect it. 

So that sucked but was fine. I snapped a pic for them. 
My fellow surro sister pointed out that my uterus looks like the sexy girl on the trucker mud flap but with a short arm. 


Yep now you can unsee that. 

Again they had me on the table completely bare assed and I'm crackin jokes like Eddie Murphy. I think the phrase "elbow deep in my vagina" actually came out. 

I'm such a charmer. 

But other than that it was the same drill. They lifted the table so Dr. B was totally eye level with my lady bits. They even had a spotlight. My vag is kind of a big deal. 

Then they double checked the baby straw that they slurped the embie up in and it was gone. So we can only assume that the little booger is snug as a bug. 

Hubs and I grabbed lunch with the IPs and it was quite lovely. Glad it wasn't weird for him to watch while I got pregs with another man's baby. 

Actually I think Hubs found it quite magical. He seemed a lot more interested and was super encouraging. I think last time it was hard for him to really get it since he couldn't be there. He was the same way with our kids until they fell out of me. 

We parted ways and I probably hugged the life out of Baby Mama. But she asked for it. I can't help but totally love a woman who entrusts me with her baby like that. Totally her fault. Boob smashing hugs were all I brought. 

Now the dreaded 2WW. You fertility buffs know what's up. That means I have to wait nearly two weeks to find out just how snuggly this baby is. 

The damn HCG shot I got to trigger ovulation is the pregger hormone. So that stays in my system for up to 2 weeks. 

The only thing I've seen you can do is test it out. So I tested this morning. What I'm looking for is for the line to lighten up for a few days then darken. 

Day one: obviously positive. But faint at least. I'd like to see it get fainter until maybe Thursday or Friday. 

I have progesterone labs Wednesday to make sure I'm producing enough. Then beta is next Friday. Killer. 

This will be the only pee stick you see from me though. At least until we have beta results and Baby Mama knows first. Then I'll post my progression either way. 

So baby should implant tonight or tomorrow. It could take a wee longer since it was frozen. But not by too much. 

They said I can resume business and usual. No lying in bed wrapped in bubble wrap with ice cream and Netflix as one friend put it. 

It was actually quite quick and relatively painless (looking at you speculum). But I will let you in on a very terrifying part of an IVF transfer though. Like very seriously scary. 

Women who have birthed a child know that one of the most terrifying and anxiety ridden parts of delivering a baby isn't the pushing or contractions or episiotomy. It's what happens in the day or days after delivery. The first poop. 

The first poop after delivery isn't talked about much because #1 girls don't poop. And #2 it's so horrifyingly scary that we just want to forget it. 

But I'm here to tell you that the first potty break after an embryo transfer is almost as scary as the first post partum poop. 

It's irrational yes. But very real. 

You see the uterus is like a deflated balloon made of sponge. The insides are all soft and smushed together. And they just slip this spec of embryo dust in there and the cervical gate shuts. 

This does not stop a woman from having the actual fear that she is going to inadvertently shit an embryo. 

I guess Sunshine overheard this brief conversation I had with my mom because she followed me into the bathroom tonight with my phone in her hands.  I inquired as to what she might need and she replied "I'm just waiting to get a picture in case you poop out an embryo."


She did however redeem herself by saying a sticky prayer for the baby tonight. She really seems to get why we are doing this. She wants Baby Mama and Baby Daddy to get their baby they so desperately deserve. 

So send those sticky vibes and say some serenity prayers as we head into the 2WW! 

The excitement and a storm is brewing. And I've always been told that rain is good luck. 

Snuggle in little one! 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Twas the Night Before Transfer

Twas the night before transfer
And all through the house.
The surro was typing
And clicking her mouse.

The husband was nestled
with toddler feet on his head.
The dog was passed out
At the foot of the bed.

But the surro was writing
For it's all she could do.
Tomorrow's it embie.
It's all up to you.

It's been more than a year
since she first met these peeps
And on the night before transfer
She just couldn't sleep.

The excitement and hugeness
Of what tomorrow might bring
Was too much too handle
It's such a big thing.

For tomorrow she'll head
To the clinic once more.
She'll be racked with excitement
As she walks through the door.

But she's also quite nervous
just a wee tick.
She's just hoping and praying
This baby will stick.

This wee little life
Will be placed in her womb.
As she lays there sans pants
With a fully packed room.

Dr. B and the Hubs
And a rogue nurse or two
Baby Mama and Daddy
An embryologist too.

And our readers in spirit
For you've done your part
Your thoughts and your prayers
Have been in our hearts.

So let's do this thing kids.
I'm ready to roll!
Snuggle in little baby.
And please...
Please just grow.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Drop it like it's hot

My ovaries channeled Snoop last night and they dropped that egg as if it were quite warm. OVULATION COMPLETE!

Had my ultrasound this morning, and my lining is still looking "beautiful." My follicle is now considered a corpus luteum and it is quite deflated indicating that I did in fact drop that egg like a bad habit. And I had some fluid floating around my uterus, which is another good ovulatory signal.

I got my HCG trigger shot yesterday around 3:15. So basically I got a positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit) on Tuesday evening indicating an LH surge, which just means I would ovulate in 24-48 hours. The HCG shot also stimulates ovulation, so yesterday about an hour after I got the shot I felt some light cramping that lasted until about 10 p.m. So I can assume ovulation occurred yesterday evening.

I'm so jazzed the natural cycle worked! uterus is so crunchy. I think I'll go buy it some patchouli incense and spring for a pair of Birkenstocks for my ovaries.

So even though this is a "natural" cycle they do give just a wee bit of progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. Lucky for me it does not go in my body via a giant painful horrible syringe. I get the much sexier option of progesterone gel. Suffice it to say this gel is not intended for my hair. 

I'll start the progesterone gel, a steroid and an antibiotic on Sunday. The steroid keeps my body from overreacting to the embryo when they get it in there. And the antibiotic kind of does the same thing just keeping my body in check and bacteria free for the little foreigner.

That being said....our transfer is scheduled for TACO TUESDAY!!!! Woohoooo!!!

I'm beyond excited! The embryologist will call Monday to let us know what time we go in the next day. It'll depend on thawing time and how many other women he's knocking up that morning.

So put your Elsa vibes out there for the thaw. That's our next breath holder. Just making sure the little embryo warms up and snuggles in! Come on baby. Let's do this thing.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Like marshmallow creme

Squeeee!!!!! My uterus pulled through!! Lining check this morning revealed this big juicy follicle
That's the big boy making the magic happen. 
There's the triple stripe and the lining came in at....a whopping 9 mm!! We were hoping for an 8, so way to overachieve ol girl! 

Dr. B was very happy. She said they'll run my bloodwork today and get back with me later today with a timeline. I'll probably drop that follicle today or tomorrow. So It'll be next week sometime I'm sure. 

Squuuueeeee!!! I'm so pumped!! Thanks for all the fluffy vibes! I'm positive they helped. 

Here's to hippie crunchy embryo settling into a very naturally luxuriant lining! 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Absolutely positively

Well this just happened

That's a positive ovulation test folks. That means I'll ovulate in the next 24-48 hours. 

Here's hoping tomorrow's ultrasound looks nice and fluffy! 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Seeing Double

So I started testing with ovulation kits on Thursday and BOOM. two lines.
I was so bummed. My period just stopped the night before so I knew there was no way my lining would be fluffy enough for transfer. 

I emailed our coordinator to let her know it was positive and she said they'd just wait to see what Monday looked like. But most likely this cycle is a bust. 

Urrrgghhh. I was frustrated so I posted the pic in my surro Facebook group for confirmation of my pity party. But lo and behold no one showed up. Instead they told me to check the box because unlike a pregnancy test, all lines on an OPK are not created equal! Apparently the test line has to be as dark or darker than the control line in order to signify ovulation! 

I tested all weekend and didn't get a positive. So I let myself feel a hint of optimism this morning as I lay there watching the swirly ultrasound screen. 

Dr. B was still thinking I ovulated since that's what she last heard. But I told her nope. I'm just illiterate. 

She looked for the follicles and it looks like the 4 flares I had last week have calmed down and I now just have one lovely 18mm follicle. Then she measured my lining and it's about a 7. Ideally we need an 8 for transfer so holy crap on a cracker this cycle is salvageable. 

She said she doesn't want to commit to this cycle yet just because of the hairy start. But it actually looks like my body is following protocol. So as long as my ol uterus keeps up the good work we can actually use this cycle! 

My bloodwork from today will be a big indicator of what's going on in there. And I'll keep taking the ovulation predictor kits. Then I'll be back Wednesday for another lining check. 

I'm eating fluffy friendly iron rich foods and drinking coffee because I'm convinced my cuppa coffee a day was the reason my first transfer lining was so fluffy. I avoided coffee last cycle and my lining wasn't happy. Mama needs her java. 

Hopefully I'm going to ovulate late in my cycle like when I got pregs with Sunshine. That'll give my lining plenty of time to fluff! 

Please direct all fluffy vibes, thoughts and prayers to 
Crystal's Uterus
2560 Pelvic Place
Fertile Beach, TX 70115

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Well Aunt Flo rolled into town Friday night about the same time as my in-laws. What a joyful night indeed. I'm assuming she hitched a ride in my mother-in-law's handbag.

I immediately emailed our clinic coordinator to let her know, because despite the fact that we are attempting a "natural" cycle this time, I thought I remembered them talking about a very low dose of medication. I didn't hear back all weekend, so Monday afternoon I called just to double check.

Well frikkin' frick. They said I was supposed to start a low dose med on day 3 of my cycle, and I was technically on day 4 already. It was just really strange that I started so soon. I'd just finished my Provera on Thursday night, and usually it takes 3-10 days before you're riding the crimson wave.
Anyway they immediately scheduled me for an ultrasound in the morning along with some blood work. Then they could determine how to proceed with my meds.

On the ultrasound they were looking for any follicles that might be ready to mature this cycle. Typically they like to get one good big follicle to grow into a pretty shiny egg, so they planned to give me a clomid type drug to help that along. The idea is that if you get a big fat follicle in there then your uterus typically thinks "Oh shit! Here comes a big one!" and starts getting super nice and fluffy to get ready to catch the egg should it win the affection of an athletic little sperm.

On my ultrasound this morning however, they didn't see one nice follicle. They saw 4! There were 4 plump eggs just growing like nuclear grapes in my ovaries. Two on each side. Jiminy Christmas I don't think I've ever been happier that Hubs got a vasectomy.

Now granted I've conceived twins 3 times naturally. The first pregnancy ended in miscarriage of both twins. Then my next two children ate their twins in the womb when they were only embryos. So I knew that I dropped more than one egg per cycle. Just call me Eggzilla.

That being said we are hoping upon hope that I'm just a crazy Fertile Myrtle. If that's the case, my uterus will just get all nice and fluffy on her own because she's getting amped up to house 4 babies. This would also explain why the synthetic hormones screwed with my lining last cycle. Dr. B thinks that I might just produce a lot of estrogen on my own and my body wasn't able to discard the excess estrogen.

Hmmm...that would actually explain a a lot. *cough* emotional train wreck about my baby graduating kindergarten *cough*

The other less attractive explanation is that I have four overgrown bowling balls in there because I was on progesterone. This might be the case because progesterone will make you produce a bunch of big eggs sometimes, and also I started my period really super fast after I got off the meds.
So they think this might just be a really weird cycle. It's still a possibility to transfer with this cycle. It'll all depend on my lining fluff.

I'll start testing for ovulation starting on Friday. If by chance I ovulate this weekend, I'll call the clinic to let them know. I'll have an ultrasound on Monday to check my lining, and if by chance it's fluffy enough, we will transfer 6 days past ovulation. If I don't ovulate this weekend, we are still doing a lining check Monday, and depending on its fluffiness they might give me a trigger shot next week to release my follicles.

The idea is to release my follicles when my lining is fluffy enough for the embie. Then we put the embie in 6 days later (since it's a frozen 5 day but also needs a day to thaw). So my body thinks that embie is one of the four follicles it dropped. Ya dig?

Either way I don't think I'll let my Hubs touch me with a 10 foot pole. Vasectomy or no vasectomy I have four desperately single eggs in there on the hunt for a man. I don't want some Evel Knieval sperm motorcycle gang jumping the gap and swimming to the finish line!

So, after my appointment I stopped by Trader Joe's to stock up on leafy greens and vitamin c rich foods. I'm trying to give my body as much of a fluff chance as possible.

If it doesn't fluff up like it should...which is a very real possibility....we will try again next month with the low dose meds she intended for this cycle.

So cross your fallopians and your vas deferens! We need some fluffy vibes this week my friends!