Thursday, June 11, 2015

Drop it like it's hot

My ovaries channeled Snoop last night and they dropped that egg as if it were quite warm. OVULATION COMPLETE!

Had my ultrasound this morning, and my lining is still looking "beautiful." My follicle is now considered a corpus luteum and it is quite deflated indicating that I did in fact drop that egg like a bad habit. And I had some fluid floating around my uterus, which is another good ovulatory signal.

I got my HCG trigger shot yesterday around 3:15. So basically I got a positive OPK (ovulation predictor kit) on Tuesday evening indicating an LH surge, which just means I would ovulate in 24-48 hours. The HCG shot also stimulates ovulation, so yesterday about an hour after I got the shot I felt some light cramping that lasted until about 10 p.m. So I can assume ovulation occurred yesterday evening.

I'm so jazzed the natural cycle worked! uterus is so crunchy. I think I'll go buy it some patchouli incense and spring for a pair of Birkenstocks for my ovaries.

So even though this is a "natural" cycle they do give just a wee bit of progesterone to sustain the pregnancy. Lucky for me it does not go in my body via a giant painful horrible syringe. I get the much sexier option of progesterone gel. Suffice it to say this gel is not intended for my hair. 

I'll start the progesterone gel, a steroid and an antibiotic on Sunday. The steroid keeps my body from overreacting to the embryo when they get it in there. And the antibiotic kind of does the same thing just keeping my body in check and bacteria free for the little foreigner.

That being said....our transfer is scheduled for TACO TUESDAY!!!! Woohoooo!!!

I'm beyond excited! The embryologist will call Monday to let us know what time we go in the next day. It'll depend on thawing time and how many other women he's knocking up that morning.

So put your Elsa vibes out there for the thaw. That's our next breath holder. Just making sure the little embryo warms up and snuggles in! Come on baby. Let's do this thing.