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Paddling Right Along

We're moving right along with all our formalities and we have our phone consult with the transfer clinic Tuesday. I don't know that we will get our calendar then, but it is one step closer. It's been a busy week all around, and the biggest change has been my Sunshine starting kindergarten.  Again I'm so glad our transfer was delayed after all because my hormones were already a mess. I waited until I got out of the building to lose it, but oh boy did I lose it. Blubber everywhere. 
I don't think the constant reminders from Sweet Pea helped. "I miss my sissa" she said all morning. 

But we made it through our first week, and to celebrate we took a trip to the coast. We packed up the camper and headed to the beach, which was just a hop skip from Baby Mama & Papa!
I asked if they wanted to meet for lunch, but they totally rocked my socks by asking if we wanted to go paddle boarding! I'd never been, but I'm always game for a new adventure so we said hec…

California Girls

Everything in the world of surrogacy has been on hold for a while, but it's just as well. This month has been insanely busy with the rest of my life! I published my book, and I've been in crazy marketing mode. I even scheduled my first book signing!
Then Hubs and I just got back from celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in the Keys.

It was completely overdue, and it was by far the best vacation I've ever taken. It was the definition of rekindling a romance among the sand, sun and fish. Pure magic.

While we were gone I got a very important email...OUR FINALIZED CONTRACTS!!

I'll back up a bit. Before we left I talked for a while with Baby Mama over the phone about all of our embryo drama. It turns out that we have the test results we need to move forward, just not the test results we need to move forward with our clinic here in Texas. But the doc from our clinic called to discuss the sitch, and she's completely confident in the safety of the transfer. She's …

Something Weird

Well we are STILL waiting for our calendar, and I'm not as spazzy about it since I've got a lot of exciting things going on with Sunshine going to kindergarten, my new book coming out and our 10 year anniversary trip just days away.

But we've hit a snag. 
Contracts should be fine. I talked with Baby Mama this week and we got the childcare junk ironed out. That's no big. 
She told me they got some devastating news from the clinic. It's possible we can't use their one remaining embryo for transfer. 
They had Embie conceived and frozen at a super rad clinic in California. It's supposed to be top notch but...
We got Embie all the way to Texas,which is no easy feat. And they tell us we're missing vital paperwork necessary to do the transfer. 
Major buzzkill
Baby Mama and Baby Daddy did three retrievals and therefore three rounds of bloodwork. All of it came back normal or they'd have had to either scrap the embryos or label them as possibly conta…