Sunday, August 3, 2014

Something Weird

Well we are STILL waiting for our calendar, and I'm not as spazzy about it since I've got a lot of exciting things going on with Sunshine going to kindergarten, my new book coming out and our 10 year anniversary trip just days away.

But we've hit a snag. 

Contracts should be fine. I talked with Baby Mama this week and we got the childcare junk ironed out. That's no big. 


She told me they got some devastating news from the clinic. It's possible we can't use their one remaining embryo for transfer. 

They had Embie conceived and frozen at a super rad clinic in California. It's supposed to be top notch but...

We got Embie all the way to Texas,which is no easy feat. And they tell us we're missing vital paperwork necessary to do the transfer. 

Major buzzkill

Baby Mama and Baby Daddy did three retrievals and therefore three rounds of bloodwork. All of it came back normal or they'd have had to either scrap the embryos or label them as possibly contaminated. 

They have everything from the first harvest. They have everything from the third harvest. But the middle retrieval...the one that their one and only surviving embryo came missing one page of results. 

There is a still possibility that we could do the transfer at their original clinic, since they have already cleared Embie for transfer. The clinic here hasn't seen the results for that particular retrieval but because the other retrievals were done so close together they said there's no real risk to doing the transfer. It's just a technicality. 

So we are in yet another waiting game. Mama was so upset she couldn't even bear to tell me. But we talked and I assured her that we are down but not out. 

She's hanging in there but said "what if we get all this worked out and it doesn't even stick!"

It's kind of funny because there's always something with kids. It's a very real possibility that it won't stick. But that's the nature of parenting. It's such a crap shoot. 

You don't earn your P card until you recognize that you know nothing and nothing goes according to plan. People have perfectly easy pregnancies that are conceived at the drop of a hat and deliver babies with mysterious birth defects. Some people deliver healthy children only to have them contract some obscure illness from licking a public trash can. 

Kids are messy business. 

I assured her that this is just parenting initiation. We all have something weird. For me it was a weird rash I got while pregnant with Sunshine. Then it was figuring out what was causing her to projectile vomit and poop blood. For Sweet Pea it was trying to find the cause of her severe anemia or trying to keep her from sustaining yet another head injury. 

There's always something weird. This is just her something weird. 

I'll just take it as a good sign that this Embie is causing trouble. It's a sign that things might be normal since we've got something weird. 

But until we figure out the solution...we wait.