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Guest Rooms and Guest Wombs

Whoa baby it's been a whirlwind the past few weeks. I had to reread my last post so I could see exactly what you people know about. Last you heard I'd just started my injections. Well as of yesterday I am stopping my Lupron injections!

So backing up a bit...I had an ultrasound last Monday to check in on my ovaries and make sure they were nice and quiet. I had 10 folicles less than 10 mm on one side and 8 less than 10 on the other side. To those who aren't in the ovary business that's great news and it means it's like a library in my lady parts. Nice and quiet. We want my eggs to stay put and not develop and butt in on our little embie. So my ovaries are behaving. Good girls.

My uterus is also behaving. Last Monday it cleared out that old outdated lining to make way for the fluffy fabulousness of this season's IVF transfer lining. Coming November 2014.

The next day I started the Estrace pills that are supposed to not only fluffy up my uterus but also make me cry…


I started my Saturday morning lying face up on my bed asking my husband to shank me in the gut. Quick and dirty please.

I've known this injection bit was coming for a while, and I've actually been pretty excited to open that big ol' box of needles and get crackin'. It means that transfer day is coming! I wasn't nervous all week, and in fact I was pretty anxious to get going Saturday morning.

I opened the box with the needles and took out one prepackaged little bitty teeny tiny syringe. 

I popped the cap on the little glass vial of Lupron as I read and reread the instructions. Seemed simple enough. Just pop the top on the vial, rub it with an alcohol wipe, pull the syringe back past 20 units, jab it in the bottle, inject the air then draw up just a little more than 20 units in the syringe. I thought I'd do the whole flick the syringe and squirt a bit out of the top like they do in the cartoons, but apparently you just squirt a bit back in the bottle until you ge…

Flyin' High

Just a quick update because I can't contain my excitement!!!! I just booked my flight for the transfer!!!! I booked one that will potentially let me meet up with Baby Mama and Baby Daddy on our connecting flights! And they asked if I wanted to fly in a few days before transfer, so we can have some breathing room before the big day. I'm so pumped. This is home for IM, so I'm going to get a totally backstage tour. It has to be serendipity that we're transferring her little embryo in her home state, and I'm hoping to birth him or her in Baby Daddy's home state! It's totally meant to be.




And I just can't hide it. Wooohoooooo!!!

I start my jibby jab injections in two days. Holy crap. Holy crap.

It's so real!!!!! I'm so pumped!!!

Baby dust is in the air!!

As we speak my cousin is at the doctor's office awaiting her blood test results. She and her hubs have been trying for years to get pregnant with no luck. After batt…

Frozen Embryo Transfer

We got our new date for our Frozen Embryo Transfer...and yet all I can think when they use that term is this...
This is my life now. Making embryo collages.