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Naked News

Exactly one week shy of my 30th birthday I published my very first book. For nearly a decade I've been writing a column called Naked Salsa for Our Town magazine, and I'm so excited to announce that Naked Salsa the book is now available on Amazon! My mom always said it takes 10 years of hard work to achieve success, and in this case she was dead on.

To celebrate I'd like to announce my first giveaway! Just download the Kindle version of Naked Salsa, and leave a review on Amazon. I'll put all those names (even those who leave scathing reviews) in a generator and select one lucky reader to receive an autographed paperback copy. (Scathing reviewers are welcome to use it in their bathrooms or birdcages as they see fit.)

I want to thank everyone who has helped get this project off the ground, especially P.C. Zick and Albert Isaac, who were not only my editors but also my inspiration to put this thing together.

And I'd like to thank all of you! A book without readers is…

Scary Noobs

Hey there! Just wanted to give a shout out to all the newbies coming over from Scary Mommy

Thanks for joining us. It's getting pretty exciting around here since we're finalizing contracts and we should probably be getting our calendar next week. 
If you'd like to catch up to speed on why the heck I'd let some strange guy put his baby inside me and why my husband is super excited about it may I direct you here
Thanks again for joining us and I hope you enjoy all the delightful information about my lady bits you're about to receive.


We got our contracts today!! I'm so pumped!!

I poured over them the second I got them, and I only noticed a few things that needed adjustment. I think they're just standard templatey contracty stuff that just needs tailored for our specific journey.

For instance it says I'm game for 3 embryos to be transferred. I basically count every transfer as two babies because each egg has the potential to split. So 3 embies could mean 6 babies...which brought us to our next order of business...termination. They had some basic lingo in there about nixing a fetus because of overcrowding, which neither I nor the IPs are game for anyway. We're all about keeping whatever sticks, so that wording had to go as well.

Speaking of IPs, I just don't care that much for the term Intended Parent. It's like oh I was intending to give you a baby, but I'm just going to keep it after all. Nah. I think I'll just call them the Parents.

As I said before I totally nerded out and wrote…

Mommy and Me

I've been meaning to update since our group psych meeting last week, but I was in crunch mode since we decided on a last-minute trip to visit my in-laws to celebrate our nation's freedom. The irony is not lost on me.

So last week we had our group psych evaluation, which I was told about three hundred times is "an industry standard" by the lady doing our psych evaluation. I'm not sure any of us were super opposed to the meeting, so I don't know why she felt the need to assure us that EVERYTHING IS NORMAL!!! lol Umm it made me feel a bit like maybe everything was not normal. But that's psych evaluations for you.

I was a little nervous that I was going to have verbal diarrhea and just blurt out all kinds of craziness all over these people, so I made the Hubs meet me there so he could grab a muzzle if need be.
I just had so many questions and things I wanted to say to my IM since we have the weird no contact thing going. I just felt so in the dark about how t…