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Baby Watch 2016 Update: Pregnant and I know it

I am officially 39 weeks 2 days, which is when I had both of my own babies. So it is official. This baby is never coming out. It's going to live in my womb forever until it's 18 and can legally be on its own. I'm going to ask the parents to come live with me so that they may watch their child grow up within my body. That's it.

Ugh finnneee it probably will come out. One day. But today is not that day. I honestly have never had a pregnancy where I was trying to get the baby out, but I'm starting to wonder about this one. I'm not particularly "miserable" or "done" although the prodromal labor played with my mind a bit. Then last night I had a super good bloody show, so I knew for sure I'd be in labor within minutes. But heeccckkk no. Not even one good contraction has been had since that little sign. So I don't know what to think.

I did go walking around the outdoor fancy swank swank mall today and no less than 50 people looked at me an…

A treat

So unfortunately because there are all sorts of awful people in the world I won't be able to share pictures of little Peanut when he or she arrives. Which judging by the pressure in my rectum could be any minute....
However since you've all been so patient and loyal and wonderful I bestow upon you the gift of song....

And dance...
And hysterical laughter.

Update Baby Watch 2016

I woke up with lightning crotch this morning. I was fairly certain the baby was trying to escape out of my actual butt. Contractions came on strong and hard and woke me from a deep sleep. My uterus was going for the gold. 
4 hours later that B acts like nothing ever happened. 
This prodromal labor is insane. It's a total mind game. One minute I swear this is IT. Then an hour later I'm questioning my entire life. What. The. Eff. 
I ran some errands and on the way to get sunshine off the bus I walked out another good bit of baby plug. So that's interesting. 
I've got 3 cookie booths this weekend, and that always seems to get things ramped up. So we shall see! If peanut can hang on until Saturday afternoon that would be great. 
I'll let you know how that plan goes. 
You've all been so patient and supportive I'm toying with the notion of rewarding you with one of the Pregger dance videos I've been sending my friends and family to let them know how pregnant…

Labor Intensive

First and foremost, Paula go to bed. There's no baby yet.

Yesterday things definitely changed. Baby definitely dropped, which explains the searing pain from yesterday morning. Apparently when he or she dropped down they landed on a nerve. Then they screwed their noggin into my pelvis and have left me with the most delightful ache right in the baby maker.

I also decided to do a Girl Scout cookie booth marathon yesterday, which I'm guessing is what led to the intense contractions I had last night. Honestly I didn't do much at the booths because my rockin' mama friend went into beast mode and loaded and unloaded dozens of cases of cookies and crap from my car like 17 times. That woman was on a mission to sell us out of cookies, and we only came home with 17 boxes. We started with about 350 to 400.

So last night after I got done with cookies I really felt the ache and decided to lay down and time contractions. They progressed like normal labor contractions down to 2 minute…

Baby Watch 2016

Hey kids! So let's have a quick recap of the past few days...while I time some contractions.

BEWARE: Do not read on if you are in any way shape or form not prepared for TOO MUCH INFORMATION


Yesterday morning I went from constipation station to free flowing bowels. - Labor Sign 1

Yesterday evening - I lost a bit of mucus plug - Labor Sign 2

Yesterday afternoon - I found my Gonna Pop shirt that I wore the day I went into labor with Sweet Pea. I've been looking for it for months! Finally found it.
Here's me in labor with Sweet Pea

Got up this morning with a searing pain in my side. Didn't think much of it until it traveled to my lower back and pelvis and camped out there for the rest of the day. - Labor Sign 3

Decided to wear the Gonna Pop shirt. I was going to save it for our appointment Tuesday, but I really love that shirt, and I figured I could wear it twice this pregnancy. I do have a washing machine.

Today I had Girl Scout cookie booths out the ying yang. So I po…

Baby watch 2016

So I'm now 36 weeks pregnant, and I'll officially be full term on Friday. We want nugget to stay in as long as possible, but starting Friday he or she can make a grand appearance and they won't do a thing to stop it! Crazy!
In other news I am now defying gravity...

Then on Tuesday last week I started having some consistent Braxton hicks contractions. They continued to be 8 minutes apart for 3 days so I broke down and called the midwife. 
They basically left it up to my judgment since it's my third rodeo and I knew I wasn't really in labor. But I felt like I had to call since this isn't my kid. I've got to be extra vigilant. 
So I told Baby Mama to talk some sense into little Peanut, and she sent a voicemail, which I didn't listen to. But I did hook it up to my belly beats and played it for Peanut. 
And I'll be darned if my contractions stopped! No clue what she said but that's some kind of mama voice. 
And all was quiet for a few days. Today I laid ar…