Sunday, February 7, 2016

Baby watch 2016

So I'm now 36 weeks pregnant, and I'll officially be full term on Friday. We want nugget to stay in as long as possible, but starting Friday he or she can make a grand appearance and they won't do a thing to stop it! Crazy!

In other news I am now defying gravity...

Then on Tuesday last week I started having some consistent Braxton hicks contractions. They continued to be 8 minutes apart for 3 days so I broke down and called the midwife. 

They basically left it up to my judgment since it's my third rodeo and I knew I wasn't really in labor. But I felt like I had to call since this isn't my kid. I've got to be extra vigilant. 

So I told Baby Mama to talk some sense into little Peanut, and she sent a voicemail, which I didn't listen to. But I did hook it up to my belly beats and played it for Peanut. 

And I'll be darned if my contractions stopped! No clue what she said but that's some kind of mama voice. 

And all was quiet for a few days. Today I laid around like a bump until I felt bad for cooping the kids up. We decided to grab lunch at their fave pizza place, but as soon as I got in the car I started having major Braxton hicks. Like straight painful. 

They've since subsided but whoooo boy I'm wondering what's up. 

I've got an appointment with the midwife tomorrow to check and see if baby is locked and loaded head down. My guess is yes, but what do I know. 

I've also got my group B strep test, so cross your fingers it's a neg. I was positive with Sunshine and had to be on antibiotics during labor. I'm trying to avoid that nonsense. I was negative with Sweet Pea so let's hope!

I met with my amazing doula Monday and she gave me some maternity tea and promises of a rub down. So basically I'm crushing hard on this broad right now. 

She's going to also talk to Baby Mama to find out what they'd like for the birth. I've given my two cents, but I want their input since it's like umm the biggest day of their lives. 

It's totally inching closer and we are all getting excited over here! Watch the blog for updates as we approach the red zone. 

Baby day approacheth...