Thursday, February 25, 2016

Update Baby Watch 2016


I woke up with lightning crotch this morning. I was fairly certain the baby was trying to escape out of my actual butt. Contractions came on strong and hard and woke me from a deep sleep. My uterus was going for the gold. 

4 hours later that B acts like nothing ever happened. 

This prodromal labor is insane. It's a total mind game. One minute I swear this is IT. Then an hour later I'm questioning my entire life. What. The. Eff. 

I ran some errands and on the way to get sunshine off the bus I walked out another good bit of baby plug. So that's interesting. 

I've got 3 cookie booths this weekend, and that always seems to get things ramped up. So we shall see! If peanut can hang on until Saturday afternoon that would be great. 

I'll let you know how that plan goes. 

You've all been so patient and supportive I'm toying with the notion of rewarding you with one of the Pregger dance videos I've been sending my friends and family to let them know how pregnant I still am. 

If I don't go tonight I might treat you with one of those beauties tomorrow. 😁