Sunday, February 21, 2016

Baby Watch 2016

Hey kids! So let's have a quick recap of the past few days...while I time some contractions.

BEWARE: Do not read on if you are in any way shape or form not prepared for TOO MUCH INFORMATION


Yesterday morning I went from constipation station to free flowing bowels. - Labor Sign 1

Yesterday evening - I lost a bit of mucus plug - Labor Sign 2

Yesterday afternoon - I found my Gonna Pop shirt that I wore the day I went into labor with Sweet Pea. I've been looking for it for months! Finally found it.

Here's me in labor with Sweet Pea

Got up this morning with a searing pain in my side. Didn't think much of it until it traveled to my lower back and pelvis and camped out there for the rest of the day. - Labor Sign 3

Decided to wear the Gonna Pop shirt. I was going to save it for our appointment Tuesday, but I really love that shirt, and I figured I could wear it twice this pregnancy. I do have a washing machine.

Today I had Girl Scout cookie booths out the ying yang. So I powered through contractions and distracted myself all day. I was probably the grouchiest booth mom ever during the contractions, but after working 4 booths I finally came home and decided to get an idea of how far apart these contractions actually were.

Verdict..12 minutes.

No wait....8 minutes..

Ok hold on I'm downloading a new contraction app...Shit. 5 minutes?! Wait...that can't be right.

Ok ummmm 4 minutes apart. Hmmm I think I should tell Baby Mama and Baby Daddy to pack up and head over...just in case.

So here I am. 2 minutes apart. Chillin' with my doula and my mom and Baby Mama and Baby Daddy are in route!

Stay might not see this belly again.