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First Trimester Finale

*YAAAAAAWWWWWNNNNNNN* Oh excuse me I just woke up from my first trimester nap!

I realize it's been a while since I updated, but I've just been hibernating waiting for the worst part of pregnancy to pass. I've never been one of those third trimester "get this baby outta me" people. I'm the person who HATES the first trimester with a passion. It's not so much the morning (read: all day) sickness. It's not the extreme exhaustion. It's not even the fact that this is the portion of the pregnancy where I feel the most "pregnant" symptoms but just look generally jiggly and bloated.

It's the mental anguish.

The first trimester is like a breath holding contest. It's just waiting for that dreaded appointment where you find out everything's not as ok as it seems. Luckily we had SEVERAL wonderful appointments where everything was in fact ok. But the first trimester is just the absolute worst.

So I just put my head down and tried to sta…


Well we met with the midwife and things went fabulous! I think Baby Mama and Baby Daddy felt better after seeing that the practice is down the hall from the OB and across the parking lot from the hospital. Also it wasn't in a grass hut. 
They did all the medical history song and dance, and the midwife asked about our story. Baby Mama is a horrible witch and started saying all sorts of ridiculously nice things about me. And I was sitting right there!! Pregnancy hormones and all.  She's lucky I was able to choke back the tears with some wise cracks. Otherwise it could've gotten ugly. 
At the end the midwife noted that since we'd had an ultrasound at the RE we didn't necessarily need one. But she could do one just to be sure of dating etc. 
Baby Daddy said he was good and that seeing the heartbeat last week would suffice. But I knew Baby Mama wouldn't be seeing her peanut again until 20 weeks. And although I'm a little wary of ultrasounds there's a lot to be s…