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Well Aunt Flo rolled into town Friday night about the same time as my in-laws. What a joyful night indeed. I'm assuming she hitched a ride in my mother-in-law's handbag.

I immediately emailed our clinic coordinator to let her know, because despite the fact that we are attempting a "natural" cycle this time, I thought I remembered them talking about a very low dose of medication. I didn't hear back all weekend, so Monday afternoon I called just to double check.

Well frikkin' frick. They said I was supposed to start a low dose med on day 3 of my cycle, and I was technically on day 4 already. It was just really strange that I started so soon. I'd just finished my Provera on Thursday night, and usually it takes 3-10 days before you're riding the crimson wave.
Anyway they immediately scheduled me for an ultrasound in the morning along with some blood work. Then they could determine how to proceed with my meds.

On the ultrasound they were looking for any follicles that might be ready to mature this cycle. Typically they like to get one good big follicle to grow into a pretty shiny egg, so they planned to give me a clomid type drug to help that along. The idea is that if you get a big fat follicle in there then your uterus typically thinks "Oh shit! Here comes a big one!" and starts getting super nice and fluffy to get ready to catch the egg should it win the affection of an athletic little sperm.

On my ultrasound this morning however, they didn't see one nice follicle. They saw 4! There were 4 plump eggs just growing like nuclear grapes in my ovaries. Two on each side. Jiminy Christmas I don't think I've ever been happier that Hubs got a vasectomy.

Now granted I've conceived twins 3 times naturally. The first pregnancy ended in miscarriage of both twins. Then my next two children ate their twins in the womb when they were only embryos. So I knew that I dropped more than one egg per cycle. Just call me Eggzilla.

That being said we are hoping upon hope that I'm just a crazy Fertile Myrtle. If that's the case, my uterus will just get all nice and fluffy on her own because she's getting amped up to house 4 babies. This would also explain why the synthetic hormones screwed with my lining last cycle. Dr. B thinks that I might just produce a lot of estrogen on my own and my body wasn't able to discard the excess estrogen.

Hmmm...that would actually explain a a lot. *cough* emotional train wreck about my baby graduating kindergarten *cough*

The other less attractive explanation is that I have four overgrown bowling balls in there because I was on progesterone. This might be the case because progesterone will make you produce a bunch of big eggs sometimes, and also I started my period really super fast after I got off the meds.
So they think this might just be a really weird cycle. It's still a possibility to transfer with this cycle. It'll all depend on my lining fluff.

I'll start testing for ovulation starting on Friday. If by chance I ovulate this weekend, I'll call the clinic to let them know. I'll have an ultrasound on Monday to check my lining, and if by chance it's fluffy enough, we will transfer 6 days past ovulation. If I don't ovulate this weekend, we are still doing a lining check Monday, and depending on its fluffiness they might give me a trigger shot next week to release my follicles.

The idea is to release my follicles when my lining is fluffy enough for the embie. Then we put the embie in 6 days later (since it's a frozen 5 day but also needs a day to thaw). So my body thinks that embie is one of the four follicles it dropped. Ya dig?

Either way I don't think I'll let my Hubs touch me with a 10 foot pole. Vasectomy or no vasectomy I have four desperately single eggs in there on the hunt for a man. I don't want some Evel Knieval sperm motorcycle gang jumping the gap and swimming to the finish line!

So, after my appointment I stopped by Trader Joe's to stock up on leafy greens and vitamin c rich foods. I'm trying to give my body as much of a fluff chance as possible.

If it doesn't fluff up like it should...which is a very real possibility....we will try again next month with the low dose meds she intended for this cycle.

So cross your fallopians and your vas deferens! We need some fluffy vibes this week my friends!


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