Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Save the Date!

After a slight mix-up on the dates we finally had our phone conference with the transfer clinic today!!

I knew we were scheduled for noon, but I had some Hobby Lobby things to attend to. Suffice it to say Hobby Lobby shoppers are now aware of the inner workings of my sex life, how fluffy my uterus is, when my next cycle will start and how excited I am to put another couple's baby all up in my lady bits.

The clinic contact was a super nice lady, but I don't think she thought I was as funny as I thought I was. She asked if I was sexually active and if so was it exclusive. I said something to the effect of "Well I'm married with two kids 5 and under, so I'm not sure how 'active' you'd consider me." I had to follow up with "Yes ma'am I'm technically allowed to have intercourse with my husband, and I'm so busted no one else would have me. So yeah exclusive is a good word."

We talked paperwork and blood work and all kind of work. I might be getting a teeny bit more blood drawn to test for chlamydia (sexy), my prolactin levels and something else. I don't know....all I heard was blah blah blah blood work blah blah husband's blood work yaadddaa yaddaaa....want to set a tentative calendar...blahty bla...wait...HELL YES!!!!

We talked it out, and we and the rest of Hobby Lobby did the math and because of where my cycle falls our transfer date will be somewhere near the beginning of November! Right now we're talking November 3, but that could change by a few days depending on Aunt Flow and some uterine lining tests and the moon phases and if Downton Abbey continues for another season. All sorts of factors.

But Baby Mama and I did a serious over the phone happy dance because at least we have a better idea of when our big day will be!!! I've never been more excited to get a box of drugs and needles in my life! Those should arrive in the mail soon. Ok that part...yeah that's a little sketchy. I'm not AS excited about the needles and drugs as the transfer date. But the needles and drugs mean that we're that much closer to transfer!!

Throw some baby dust our way because we're going to get this turkey cookin' come November!!