Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cocktail Hour

Holy cow it's real!! I finished my initial consult on Friday and I'm already scheduled this Friday for blood work and an ultrasound and a procedure that one of my amazingly ivf experienced friends described as "shooting dyes in your lady straws". 

Doctors like to call it an hsg test. I have to get a special one done since I have issues with shellfish. I'm guessing there is iodine involved because they want me to take a cocktail of Benadryl and steroids so I don't blow up.  I've never had an issue with iodine topically so I can't imagine I'd have a reaction. But they'll take no chances. 

I also picked up my birth control and prenatals last night!!

I've never been this jazzed to be on birth control before. But every step is one step closer to the transfer!

We also started contracts this week, so I guess once we get those settled it'll be on like donkey kong. 

Some folks have asked if I get compensated for all this. The answer is yes. But if you think ANYONE could do this for the money you'd be sadly mistaken. I think the compensation is more for the time you're spending with screenings and blood tests and dr appointments and vaginal ultrasounds. Yeah. 


 Like wand in the hoo hah. 

Ok so put a price on that. Exactly. This most certainly must come from an altruistic place. 

The last part of our initial screening is our psych evaluation Monday. Hubs and I might make a date night of it. We get a few hours of digging in our brains to see if we're nuts. 

I'm convinced every human being is a bit zonkers. So I'm guessing it's more like what degree of crazy are you. As long as you're silly crazy and not dark creepy crazy I guess it's fine? 

I've got a good feeling about everything. One of my good friends from high school who has struggled with pregnancy for years messaged me on Facebook last night to tell me she just confirmed an early pregnancy! I'm overjoyed for her!!!!

She's part of the reason I decided to try surrogacy. She's so deserving of a baby and she's had to struggle and go through so much loss. I'm just crossing my Fallopian tubes for her!! 

I just think it's a great sign that there is baby dust in the air. 

Welp wish us luck!! This is really happening!!! I'm pumped!