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Baby Watch 2016: Woke up like whoa

1 a.m. - After dreaming repeatedly that I was in labor I woke up having decent contractions. I tried to go back to sleep, but they were just strong enough for me to question what was up.

Timed those bad boys. 8 minutes apart. 7 minutes apart. 7. 7.

Five. Five. Five. Five.

Three. Three. OUCH.

2 a.m. - Texted Jessica, my doula, and told her if she wasn't too busy to perhaps come over. Oddly enough her schedule was clear at 2 a.m. She said it was time to let Baby Mama know. I texted her and she was ready to head out the door before I got the words fully typed.

By time Jessica was on her way my contractions ramped up. I couldn't talk through all of them and they were slamming back to back. It seemed to be moving really quickly, and I started to get excited and nervous. I started feeling a little queasy and shaky but so ready.

Jessica arrived with her adorable 22 week pregnant self. I keep forgetting she's pregnant with a surro babe herself! She's an angel for agreeing to doula for me. I honestly don't know how women birth without a doula. It's more crucial to me than an epidural. And I've done both.

Hubs waited up with me until Jessica arrived, then my little Sunshine peeked her sleepy eyes out of the bedroom. She snuggled me a bit, we talked about the game plan for after school, and I sent little Cindy Lou Who back to bed with a pat on the head. Hubs took her in our bed and let her snuggle in.

Meanwhile Baby Mama and Baby Daddy are high tailing it through the night, and I noticed I was able to talk through my contractions. They were still strong, but I wasn't getting worse. Jessica continued to time them and they were 3 minutes apart on the money. Things still looked good.

We decided to go for a walk, since my hood is a bit hilly, to try and make sure things kept going. We hoofed it and I had some good contractions, but I was starting to worry. I figured I should be in serious pain right about now. But I was feeling pretty good.

We talked and I rolled and bounced on the yoga ball. We busted open a box of Tagalongs....ya keep up our strength.

But after another hour I realized although they were still 3 minutes apart, they were definitely getting much weaker. I texted Baby Mama to let her know that things were creeping along. She said they were half way here, so either way we were going to party.

By the time they got here my contractions were totally and completely manageable. It neared 5 a.m., and I knew everyone including me was tired. So we chatted for a bit, and I tried to rock the baby out with squats and sways, but alas it all died down once again. I sent everyone to bed, sent Jessica home, and I crashed out in Sweet Pea's bed feeling a little defeated.

I've heard of labor starting and stopping for people, but never thought I'd experience it. I'm very lucky that Jessica has had prodromal labor with almost all her pregnancies, so she's very sympathetic and reassuring that it's all just work my body is doing to get ready for delivery. Baby Mama and Baby Daddy are extremely patient as well. People keep telling me how patient I am, but truthfully I'm the one that is feeling like we need to get this show on the road for their sake. They're the ones who keep reminding me that it's fine. They'd rather come up a million times than miss the birth. 

I had Hubs take Sunshine to school and I got Sweet Pea off to school with one of my fabulous neighbors so I could sleep a bit. I called the midwife, and she told me what we all knew. If the contractions were weakening it obviously isn't time. She said we could still do this dance for days. So I sent Baby Mama and Baby Daddy home to shower and recoup. And I rested and slept and ate some yogurt and grapefruit and homemade baked spaghetti.

I've got a call into a chiropractor for another alignment, so we shall see if that helps. I'm convinced that something isn't quite right, and that's why everything ramps up so hard and then shuts down. It sounds hippie but I do trust that my body knows what to do. As frustrating as it is to alert the presses every time only to be let down, I think the best things for me and for Peanut is to trust nature for now.

I did talk to my BFF from high school and although she's a week or two behind me in her pregnancy, I was surprised (or not so surprised) to find out that she's dilated to a 5 and in active labor! I'm wondering if I'm just having some BFF sympathy pains or something. We only talk a few times a year, but I guess our uteri are totally still BFFs because we were rockin' and rollin' together and didn't even know.

I also got some extra reassuring words of wisdom from my crunchy midwife pal Nicole. She basically reaffirmed that this is all just a part of this baby's journey earthside. My body is doing work now that it won't have to do later and getting prepared. She kind of wondered if I had some mental blocks because I was so worried about the parents making it to the birth. So she suggested some mental exercises as well as some physical things I can do.

I'm taking everything into consideration at this point. My in-laws decided to reschedule their visit, which is a huge load off since I was stressed about getting the house in order before they came. My mom gets back in town tomorrow, Sweet Pea's birthday party is this weekend, Sunshine's school carnival is Saturday. I think I've got plenty to keep me occupied until this little Peanut decides it's time.

Before Baby Mama left she read a hilarious rendition of a potty book to her little Peanut. The baby had been kicking and tumbling around until I sat next to Baby Mama and she started to read. It's amazing to me the way this little one responds to her. She does have a very calming presence, and I swear this little nugget senses it. She settled right in and listened to the story. After they left it was back to tumbles and my contractions kicked back up a little.

I went and rested a bit, and now we just wait. Little Peanut knows what birthday he or she wants, so I will just be patient. There's no rushing perfection! His or her daddy is a military guy. Maybe he or she is just being very punctual. Tomorrow is our due date, so we shall see!

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