Monday, March 7, 2016

Baby Watch 2016: Still Pregs

Yep. Still pregnant! 

I know you'll want that info up front. 

Secondly I need to just shout a big BOOYAH for my instincts! After another really intense bout of prodromal labor I was suspecting that there was a positioning issue preventing us from progressing. 

So I stopped into my midwife for a quick check Friday and lo and behold! Baby is coming down head first but asynclitic! That means Peanut descended on the side of HIS or HER head just like my Sunshine. (I know a lot of folks thought they read a lot of "she"s last post but I can assure you we still know bubkiss about the genitals.)

So my new goal is to get little Nut to get his head in the game. I went to a friggin amazing chiropractor recommended by my doula. He's like a pregnancy wizard. He adjusted the heck out of me and explained every step. He said my right hip was rolled big time. He tested my mobility in each hip and the difference was crazy. 

After he adjusted I could lift both legs equally high, so that was a win. 

He said if I didn't pop by Monday to come back in. So here we are. I have my midwife at 2 and chiro at 4:20. I'm going to have her check baby's position again since nothing's ramped up lately. And we'll go from there!

So yea I'm technically past my "due date" which is a first! But kind of cool! I've never baked one past 40 weeks before. 

But no induction scheduled at this point. Yes that's ok with me. It's more than ok. I'm avoiding that at all costs. No I'm not judging your personal birth experience or choices. 

I'm old fashioned in that I think what you do with your vagina is your business. Likewise, what I do with my vagina is mine. 

I've been induced. My experience was awful. Hence my aversion. 

So to recap, baby is safe and happy. Maybe coming down a little wonky. Not a library book. Not able to actually accrue fines for being late. Not expired like the milk I forgot to freeze! (Waste of colostrum dang it) Not in distress or trouble or at risk. Just not ready! 

I'll update after the midwife with any news! Until then...patience! Little turtles are worth waiting for.