Friday, March 4, 2016

Baby Watch 2016: Night Ninja

Woke up in so much pain I was basically in tears last night. I relaxed my whole body and rode each wave. 

I kept the room dark and visualized the baby coming down. It was a painful 3 hours but it did work. 

Worked so well everything once again stopped cold. 

Went back to bed and woke up to no less than one million texts from people wondering when I'm going to call it and just get the pitocin. 

Sorry kids! I'm too much of a hippie. 

I know some folks are worried about the baby, but I can assure you peanut is letting me know she's ok. She's moving and grooving just fine. Trying to get comfy I'm sure. 

I'm not trying to go for martyrdom. Im not trying to be stubborn. I truly and honestly believe there's a biological reason my labor is starting and stopping. All our Ts need crossed. We just need the perfect storm and there's still a missing element. 

My team is fully supportive and amazing. My midwives trust the process. My IPs have the patience of job. My doula has been through prodromal labor before so she's an angel from above. And Hubs speaks my love language:food. He's taking me for Indian tonight. Love that man. Plus he has been handling the domestics so I can just focus on bringing this baby earth side. 

I'm going to call the chiro again today and try to get in. But Remember today is JUST NOW my "due date". 

So in the mean time...