Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Pregnancy amnesia

Holy guacamole am I ever pregnant! Oh dear lord. The thought of guacamole...


So at this stage of the game last round I felt totally normal. I had one wave of nausea one day that I wanted to be morning sickness but holy balls. This. This right here is all day sickness. 

I'm so nauseated I have trouble sleeping. And if I can manage to settle my gut for a second I'm immediately awakened by my bladder. I have to pee twice as often as my potty training toddler. 

I'm also insanely tired. Not just like oh man whew I need a second! I'm talking driving down the road and I have to pull over because my eyes can't physically stay open. 

Either I have pregnancy amnesia and just totally forgot what it's like to be pregnant... Or...

Ugh I made the rookie mistake of asking Google why I was so sick and tired. Google is such a dramatic bitch. She suggested what I was already thinking. 

What if it's twins. 

The last time I remember (key word remember) being this bogged down with pregnancy symptoms was with my twin pregnancy. 

Then I asked Google again. And that B got even more dramatic. Apparently there's an increased chance of identical twins with PGD testing. Well uhh yes as a matter of fact this embryo was PGD tested, why do you ask?

I'm just hoping that we have one strong little girl in there. Because Google said morning sickness can be worse with girls. So that's what I'm going with for now. 

There's just one super dramatic little diva in there sending puking vibes up my windpipe. Right?

Guess Friday's ultrasound can't come soon enough!

Here's my last pregger pee stick 
That means I've got enough hcg to say that I'm more than 3 weeks from ovulation. I never got a 3+ weeks predictor test last round. So that made me do a happy dance...all the way to the toilet.