Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Happy Graduation! Martinis all around

Welp we are officially graduates of Reproductive Endocrinology. We had our final appointment with Dr. B today and it was beautiful.

We saw little Gummy Bear, and she was wiggling about like a little dancing queen. Baby Mama saw her heart just fluttering away. I'm not sure what they clocked it at, but I thought it was somewhere around 160? Maybe it was higher. Either way, Dr. B was super happy with it. Babe was measuring 8w6d, which is actually about right. I think we're truly a Friday week change, but they put us as a Wednesday week change.

When little Gummy got still and we could make out her sweet face a little bit I said "Say hi to your Mommy!" and she totally wiggled a paddle!

I almost fell off the table, and we all squealed.

It was such a great visit, and they officially dismissed me to midwife care. I brought up the midwife with Dr. B again, so Baby Mama and Baby Daddy could get her opinion on the practice. Dr. B had great things to say about midwives, which made my little heart happy. She said for low risk normal pregnancies midwive care has a lower mortality rate for pregger and baby. So that's exciting. And she said this practice is very conservative. They refer to OB at the slightest worry, and since there are OBs working closely in the practice it's a seamless transition.

I'm so excited that we've made it this far. We have our first midwife appointment next Tuesday, so until then I'll be just munching bean burritos and downing smoothies. This little Gummy Bear loves some protein and fruit. 

Speaking of fruit... I read that the baby is now a fetus and is the size of a grape! Which does not exactly explain this bump...

Baby Mama said her email said green olive. I guess that's one hell of a martini!