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6 Week Ultrasound

Our first ultrasound was scheduled for today, and it was shaping up to be the ultrasound that almost wasn't. They kept calling to push it back and reschedule and at one point they asked to bump it to Saturday. I already had Saturday plans in the works, so that wasn't happening. I told them I'd mosey over to the other office if we could do Friday.

So today was the day. I had to take the minions with me since my mom had to grab a last minute doctor visit. That was exciting since Sweet Pea has taken to screaming like menopausal Medusa when things don't go her way. But Baby Mama and Baby Daddy were very sweet with them, and I had a fully charged Kindle in my arsenal.

Dr. B came in looking radiant as usual, and the hunt was on.

I was holding my breath hoping to just see one big beautiful sac and my heart almost fell out of my butt when I saw two black areas. I seriously almost fainted. But Dr. B moved the wand and assured me that there was just one sweet little bean. Snug as a bug in a uterus. The heartbeat was just pounding away, and we even got to hear it!

It was such a magical moment. It's just the sweetest sound there is. We even got a measurement, and little Snuggle Bug's heart was beating 127 beats per minute. Dr. B said at 6 weeks they want to see over 100, and from 6 to 7 weeks they want it over 120. So little hippie over achiever already hit those milestones! High five Uterine Buddy!

I could almost feel the relief wash over my sweet IPs. We all know we're not even close to out of the worry woods, but this is farther than we got last time. Last time that little heart was so teeny and fragile we never even got a good measurement. This little sweetie's ticker was nice and strong.

So let's keep it that way GOT IT!? I don't want any drama from this little hippie bean. Just nice easy breezy ultrasounds thankyouverymuch.

Dr. B wants to see us back in about two weeks. So we'll have our next ultrasound on my mother-in-law's bday. They reset our due date to March 2, so Baby Mama was asking what my date significance calendar had to say about that. The only thing I can think is that it's right before Sweet Pea's and Hub's birthday. But of course I won't have Snuggle Bug on that day anyway unless it happens to be just the most cooperative child in the world. I'm trying for a Leap Year baby, but I think the IPs just want a baby with a birthday.

So after our 8 week ultrasound Dr. B is going to start weaning me from meds and we will graduate from the RE to an OB at 10 weeks! She told me to go ahead and call to get in with the OB of my choice. I told her I was using a midwife, and she said she's got friends at the office I chose. So I was jazzed at her approval.

I went ahead and called, and I got an appointment the day after my birthday. That also happens to be the original due date for our last pregnancy. I'm hoping that day will be a happy one with wonderful news. I hope it'll help numb the sting.

When I miscarried the twins I couldn't help but feel sad on their due date. But just two weeks later I found out was pregnant and lo and behold I'd conceived my Sunshine on their due date. It definitely brought a silver lining to that dark cloud.

So all is well in baby town! I'm over the moon for Baby Mama and Baby Daddy. And they seemed just as thrilled.

Dr. B said the baby looks like the perfect little engagement ring. Nice round little yolk sack with the big diamond baby sitting on top.

So my next step is to embrace all this morning sickness, fatigue and constant potty breaks. I'll take it all if it means a healthy little bean!

See ya in a few weeks for our 8 week ultrasound! And thanks again for all your prayers and good vibes. It's celebration time!

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