Thursday, November 20, 2014

What are we waiting for?

I did my bloodwork early this morning to ensure that we got our results at a reasonable hour. No sense dragging this out. Let's get this show on the road.

My appointment was at 8:15, but I didn't go back until 9:30. While I was waiting I called Sweet Pea's doctor because she's been in a weird barfing pattern. I spent from 4:30 this morning until 6 catching barf in wash cloths and hand towels every 5 minutes. This seems to happen every week and then she's fine for a week. Something's got to give. While I was waiting to be called back, her doctor called and said she'd scheduled Sweet Pea for a CT scan.


My heart fell in my stomach a little. But the doc assured me it was just to rule out anything major. I was hardly aware when they took my blood.

I finished my blood work and took Sweet Pea home for a cuddle. I knew the beta wouldn't be back for a few hours, and the CT scan wasn't until the afternoon. So I was happy to let Daniel Tiger distract me while we waited. I took advantage of the fact that she wanted to be in my lap, and I rested. And waited.

It was time for the CT scan so I drove back to the medical district just across the street from where I'd given blood this morning. Why hadn't they called? Well anyway I'd send them a note once I got checked into radiology.

Sweet Pea was a champion with the CT. I told her she was there for a photo shoot, and the radiologist laughed when she was making faces in the "big donut" because she thought she was on camera. While I waited outside for the scan, (precautions in case there's a baby on board), Baby Mama texted. I told her about Sweet Pea and teased that this is what she was signing up for. Motherhood is just a constant state of worry. But there must be a reason people keep signing up!

We finished with radiology, and I wanted to head to the new In N Out Burger for lunch. Sweet Pea fell asleep on the way, and when I got there the line was so long there were police directing traffic. I was so sick of waiting. I opted for some bean and cheese tacos while I waited for word from the clinic.

It was a lot of waiting for me today, and for Baby Mama. We did get our results, but for'll have to wait.

I have a very special guest blogger tomorrow. Just you wait.