Friday, November 14, 2014

Pee Thirty

Someone got a positive pregnancy test!! 😝

No not me!! I'm not divulging any results positive or negative until next Thursday. But my cousin...the one who has struggled with infertility for almost ten a positive beta this week! 

Her first round of IUI didn't take, and we were all bummed. But she brushed herself off and got back on that horse, and she's officially pregnant! I'm so happy for her!! She is a very deserving mother. This has been a long time coming. 

As for me, I'm just trying to stay distracted. I think the key is to just stay out of the house so those pee sticks don't beckon me. 

I have plenty to do with my kids' social calendars (thanks three bday parties this weekend). Plus I just realized my book signing is on Tuesday! Ack! Not sure how that snuck up. But il so excited to reunite with my fabulous former editor. 

It is funny I'm hosting a wine and cheese night, when I can neither partake in the wine nor the soft cheese. But I'm a good time sober. So no big.

That's about all I can say for now. As much as I want to beg Baby Mama to come stay with me and obsess over pee sticks I totally respect that she wants to wait. She and I are in different frames of mind. Testing and getting a negative would stress her out. Whereas not being able to test would stress me out. So I'll do my thing! 

Even if I don't get a single positive all week I know I could go in Thursday and get a positive blood test. I'm just looking for good news early. 

I should've just welcomed Baby Mama to parenthood. From this day forward she'll agonize about her child. It starts with the pregnancy tests and as far as I know the worrying never ends. You just have to hold out hope for the best! 😄 a cheerful thought I know. But it's only that way because the potential joy that children bring is equally as intense. 

Well I'm super happy to be home, and I hope to be distracted for the next six days. Maybe I'll start a new Netflix series. I finished the series finale of Gilmore Girls the night of the transfer. So I'm taking suggestions! 

Come on folks. Distract a girl. Those little pee sticks are too damn sexy. The temptation is strong.