Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wednesday the 13th

I double checked and today isn't Friday. But boy Wednesday the 13th seems just as unlucky. 

I had my final lining check scheduled this morning to make sure the ol uterus was good and fluffy. 

So I woke up at 5, not for the appointment, but because of my Mother's Day gift. My dear Sweet Pea bestowed the generous gift of a stomach virus on me Sunday, and although I seemed in the clear yesterday, it came back with a vengeance this morning. 

I pulled myself together and got ready. I even put in my lucky turtle earrings for good measure. 

I hopped in the car to head to the clinic, but I stopped at the end of the driveway to check my tires. Last night I got a memo on my dash that my left front tire was low. It was dark so I didn't use the gauge but I walked around and checked all 4 visually. I pushed on them and they seemed fine. 

So this morning as I'm hurrying to get to my appointment I got the gauge out to check the left front tire just as my dash said. 

Nope. Perfect pressure. Whew! I continued on my way until hubs called me a few minutes later to tell me to pull over. Somehow I left tire streaks down the driveway?

I pull into a parking lot and sure enough my left REAR tire is dead as a doornail. Turns out they'd messed up my tire sensors when I got new tires last time. So it said left front but meant left rear. Joy. 

I was supposed to be at my ultrasound in 15 minutes so I called the hubs to come trade cars so I wouldn't be as late. He was 5 minutes away so I got busy changing the tire. 

And then the heavens broke open. 

So there I was on my hands and knees in the parking lot in the pouring rain jacking my car up. Hubs drives up and tells me to get my crazy ass in his car and go. So I left.

I called the office to fill them in and made it only half an hour late. Luckily this office is absolutely wonderful and didn't make me reschedule. They fit me right in and i was once again pants down on the table. 


Dr. B came in, grabbed her trusty wand and worked her magic. 

She started measuring my fluffiness and once again I saw the beloved triple stripe. Yay! A super great sign. 

However I noticed she was lingering on the measurements. I caught a 6 on there before she had me sit up. 

Lining was very pretty...but not near thick enough. Not sure why but instead of a fluffy duvet, my uterus was trying to offer walmart sheets and a cot. It was a very cute print, but not fluffy and cozy enough for a certain pretentious future resident.  

Uggghhhh. Soooo we got my bloodwork back and I'll be adding an estrogen pill right up the hoohah! Right where I'd like to shove this whole day. 
I already take 3 estrogen pills orally per day. But I guess Dr. B really wants to send a message. So I'll add one up the lady shoot for good measure. 

What this means unfortunately is we are a no go for Transfer Tuesday. Just tacos next week. 

We will recheck the fluffiness Monday and hopefully with any luck I can start PIO shots. I have to have PIO for 6 days before transfer so this pushes things out at least a week. 

Lucky for us we are working with a frozen embie. A fresh transfer would've been badly derailed. But the frozen embie can wait until its room is ready. 

Le sigh. We are under a tornado watch today until 5, so I think I'll go home, pick up Sunshine from school, crawl into my pajamas and call it a day. 

Wednesday the 13th was a nightmare on elm street. I'm thinking Monday the 18th will be fabulous. It's a special someone's bday. So I'm going to assume it's a good omen. 

Timing is everything and today it just wasn't our time. Wish us GOOD fluffy luck for next week!