Monday, May 18, 2015

Drop it like a bad habit

Well frikkin' frick. The appointment today did not go super great. Today was my lining check to see if that extra estrogen pill in the glory hole would fluff up my uterine lining a bit more. But all I saw on the monitor was a big middle finger from my pretentious uterus.

Actually what we saw was that my lining was in fact a little bit thinner. Dr. B, being the fabulously intelligent guru she is, deducted that my body is just very sensitive to these silly synthetic hormones. The more estrogen we added the more offended my uterus became.

I've always considered myself a bit of a crunchy gal. I'm not quite full blown hippie, but I do have crunchy granola type tendencies. I cloth diapered, was borderline vegan because of my kid's dairy problems, I nursed for 36 years and I treat recycling like a religion. So apparently my uterus would like to be a bit more natural as well.

Dr. B wants to try dropping this fake ass excuse for a lining I have and start fresh next month with a 100% organic, free range, locally sourced, hormone free lining that has not been tested on animals. So I'll start a med today to get rid of that thin little excuse for a baby pillow.

Once it's gone though we'll start monitoring my natural cycle. She thinks because Sweet Pea and Sunshine seem to be in such great shape, perhaps my lady bits are professional grade and can fluff up just fine on their own thankyouverymuch. The idea is to let my body just naturally fluff up without all the Lupron and estrogen poser meds getting in the mix.

I hated to text Baby Mama with the crummy news today since it's her bday after all. But I think we both had a feeling something was off this cycle. She seemed content with the news update, and I am just going to shift my focus to the end of the year festivities. My baby is finishing kindergarten! As if I need any added hormones right now!

So suffice it to say we won't be transferring this month after all. I know Baby Mama has to be disappointed, but she's taking it on the chin as she always does. That woman is so damn strong. Our time will come, and all these bumps in the road just give her more street cred.

Oh you accidentally got knocked up one night after an extra glass of wine? Let me fill you in on the whirlwind adventure we went through to get junior here! This kid won't have a leg to stand on in the teen years. No angst for you child. You are much too loved.