Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ground Zero

The results are in, and I hope this is the last time during this journey I report this. But my levels are finally back down to zero! Hooray!

Typically an hcg level of zero is bad news in the pregnancy world. But for us it means that my body is back to normal after the loss, and we can start ramping up to try again. It's ground zero for our next attempt, and I am feeling hopeful and excited.

Also with complete perfect timing, Baby Mama and Baby Daddy found an egg donor!! I'm soooooooooooo beyond excited. Baby Mama really seems happy with their choice, so I couldn't be happier for them. This little baby is a puzzle, and the donor was the missing piece.

They're still dotting their "I"s and crossing their "t"s with the donor. But I think things are right on track. I'll need to have at least one normal cycle before we start meds for our next transfer. And since their eggs are frozen, they still have to thaw and fertilize them. Then they'll probably do PGD testing again and freeze them while we wait for the results. So lots of waiting and coordinating in our future.

I'd imagine my cycle will be starting soon since I've been super irritable and got a raging migraine last night. I've gotten a migraine about once a month since I weaned Sweet Pea. I think my hormone levels just went bananas after we quit nursing. I'll probably ask the doc to check all that stuff or give me some tips for warding them off. I found that if I drink a cup of coffee in the morning I don't get a migraine. But I realized last night that my morning Kcup was a DECAF!! Duhn duhn duhnnnnnnn...

Very exciting stuff in the next stage of our journey. I'm very hopeful for our next attempt, and in the meantime I want to celebrate this step. I swore I'd celebrate each one, and even though we've had a huge setback in our journey, it's time to start celebrating again.

So let's celebrate my body getting back to normal and my IPs finding their missing puzzle piece. Hooray for progress!