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Psyching Me Out

So I haven't gotten my calendar yet, but I do have my first appointment scheduled with the fertility clinic. It is the initial consult with the doctor, and the nurse said they might even do an ultrasound to check out my uterus and take some blood. 

I'm a little nervous because this is kind of the threshold. If they find out that my uterus is shaped like Italy or something I could be totally out of this surrogacy game. 

But if all goes well at this appointment then Hubs and I are on to our psych evaluations. Apparently it's a bunch of totally bizarre questions to check and see if I'm crazy. My surro case manager lady said basically if you aren't crazy before the eval then you definitely will be after. 

So I'm just preparing for insanity. 

I'm not sure what they'll ask Hubs at his evaluation, but I assume it'll be something like: How will you handle it when the fertility hormones render your wife bat sh*t crazy and she hovers over you menacingly in your sleep?

It's a known fact that hormones can really eff with my emotions, but I think just being aware that I'm going to be hormonally imbalanced and there's a reason I'll be off my rocker should help. Not saying that part will be a breeze by any stretch. 

I remember taking birth control and thinking in my head "Why are you saying that? You're really being mean. Just stop...ok...ok you just glared at him for asking if you wanted a Reese's Pieces... you're just being irrational now." 

Hormones make me cray cray deluxe, so I'm sure hubs is extra excited about that part. But he's so incredibly supportive of this whole journey, so I'm sure he'll just tell them "Her mom lives down the street. I can ship her off for pedicures if it gets too intense."
Wish me luck at my appointment on the 6th!

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